Friday, November 15, 2013

The conference is over and it was an incredible success.  Thank you to everyone who attended and to all who helped make it happen.  Please take the time to answer the survey if you received one.  We read each of the surveys and the answers will help us improve next year's conference.  If you did not receive a survey, you may send comments and suggestions to and they will be passed on to the facilitators.  We have posted an addendum to Keith Pyeatt's class syllabus on Introduction To Probate Records.  It can be found on the Syllabus page under 4B-2.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to our information blog for the upcoming Milwaukie Stake Family History Conference featuring Hannah Z. Allen, from The Oregon Historical Society, as our Keynote Speaker.  In addition to the keynote address, we have four sessions of classes (16 classes total), with a great lineup of  presentors ready to teach you new skills to be used in researching your ancestors. The conference is FREE and everyone is welcome to the event.

Pre-registration is now available and will be until midnight on 6 November.   For logistical reasons, we ask that you pre-register if possible.  (However, if you are unable to pre-register, you may register at the event.  All walk-ins are welcome).

We will be providing a FREE lunch between the first and second sessions for those who register prior to the event.  There are also a few fast-food restaurants in close proximity to the conference for those who opt-out of the FREE lunch or miss the registration deadline (6 Nov).

Please take time to check out the pages on the left side of this screen where you can find descriptions of the classes that will be taught during the four sessions of the conference.  You will also find a page that contains links to the syllabus for each class.  Just click on the link that corresponds to the session number and class that you are interested in to receive the file in PDF format for printing prior to the conference.

If you decide to attend (and we hope you do),  please select the registration page or click on the "Register Now" tab on the countdown timer at the right side of this screen to be taken to our registration site.

Our new registration process will provide us with many tools to help us make your experience better.  We will be able to send you updates and reminders automatically, plan for the exact number of attendees in each class, plan the lunch, and many other enhancements including electronic check-in at the event doors. 

Finally, after the event we would appreciate your participation in a short online survey that will be sent to each attendee that will help us plan future conferences.

Most of all, thank you for considering our conference.  We hope we see you there.